Press Release – 12 May 2011

BBC Tom Scott to present at Meta2011 BBC Tom Scott to present at Meta2011 (241 KB)

BBC Tom Scott to present at Meta2011
IMM is pleased to introduce the Meta2011 keynote speaker, Tom Scott from the BBC, where he has held the roles of Executive Product Manager and Technical Projects Lead in the BBC’s online and technology teams.

The BBC is an acknowledged leader in semantic web publishing and the use of metadata to create dynamically linked sites. Tom Scott has executive responsibility for three of the broadcast giant's sites, which are often held up as exemplary projects within the Linked Data community. These are: the BBC Nature site ( incorporating a major Linked Data and video publishing element; the BBC Programme Support site (, a website that publishes a page (URI and metadata) for every programme the BBC broadcasts; and the BBC's Music site (, a website that integrates into the BBC broadcast systems and BBC Programmes.

As an active blogger and expert in semantic web publishing, Tom will paint the picture of both the current and future demands of digital publishing and information management and how metadata can enable that using real live examples. “The idea is to help people think about the Web from a different perspective, one that is ultimately empowering because in doing so you can more easily deliver real benefits to your organisation and users” said Scott.

Tom Scott – BBC

About Meta2011
This year’s conference themed “Business Realities and Implications” attracts a line up of exceptional speakers from a diversity of public and private organisations. Tom will be joining the Australian Information Commissioner, Professor John McMillan and the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft, Greg Stone and many more outstanding speakers at Meta2011 to present to you topics focusing on Intelligence & Analytics; Technology Solutions; Management, Governance and Stewardship; and Overcoming obstacles in the execution process.

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